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Friday, June 1, 2012

The Artist

Inspiration: The Artist
 His name is Robert, but we call him Bob
To try to define him would be quite a job!
An excellent artist---a wonderful friend,
With talents so many….there’s never an end!
One of the best is, he’s willing to try
To teach art to me…what a wonderful guy.

We first became friends through his beautiful wife,
Leatha, my friend, who added much joy to my life.
Many hours we did spend over bridge and our sewing,
And dinners and Church and coffee, not knowing
That too soon she would leave us all feeling bereft.
So we picked up the pieces and salvaged what’s left.

An artist I’m not, but I’m willing to try
And Bob is so willing his talent to ply.
I struggle…he’s patient… and willing to share
His wonderful talent with no obvious despair!
I often think we are such an odd pair,
But somehow, it seems we have something to share.

So onward I struggle with palette and brush
And try to paint trees and clouds and such;
I don’t expect I will ever amount to much.
But the artist is willing to keep me in touch
With wisdom and knowledge from his awesome store.
How fortunate I am…could I ask for much more?

Ah! But there is even more that we share,
There’s coffee, discussion, discourse and despair
For our Country and its need for repentance;
There’s religion, the Bible, and politics; each sentence
We disassemble the world each time we pursue,
And put it back together with God as the glue.

So the artist and I, this dissimilar pair
Have much to share of a world that’s unfair.
We remember when things were so much more steady
The world was our oyster, and we would be ready!
So, onward we go to our future unknown,
Just friends being grateful that we have been born.

© 2012 Zelda Seymour-Kimm


Linda said...

A very nice and fitting tribute to a wonderful man!

Connie Arnold said...

I'm glad Linda shared your blog with me. I enjoyed your lovely poem. You seem to be quite a talented pair! I am following you and hope you will visit my blog as well. I will go look for you on facebook.