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Sunday, June 24, 2012


When I have doubts about my destiny
And often wonder why I’m me
And could I share with those like me,
I wonder how to be.

Could I be brave and share with power
Or choose to be a craven coward?
Afraid to speak about God’s word,
Perhaps to those who have not heard.

Or hide behind some weak endeavor,
Instead of sharing with zest and fervor
The wonder of that wooden cross
And how it changed my life so lost.

It gives me hope and joy and peace
And makes me want at the very least
To share the wonders of all He has
With hearts so broken and lives so sad.

And leave with them what I have found,
A spot on heavens holy ground;
And help them see and run the race
Like me, a sinner saved by grace.
©Zelda Seymour-Kimm, 2011

1 comment:

Linda said...

A beautiful poem - wonderful words!