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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Rita!

That Lady I Know!
 My friend Rita! Now what can I say?
To try to describe her would take me all day!
She’s certainly not young but then she’s not old;
She is not retiring and can be quite bold.
She was a young beauty and drove the men wild
And has done many things since she was a child.

As a mother she’s outstanding and certainly smart,
Her children accomplished and all works of art.
As a talented artist she has quite a trait,
Why, she even taught others how they could paint!
At bridge she is ever so much more than able
And even taught others at her own kitchen table.

Her talents are many, she willingly shares.
And wee small clothes she makes just ‘cause she cares
She is gracious and loving, generous to a fault
And when she met Emery, she was easily caught!
The life they now share is the envy of all
And we are glad to know them - they are a ball!

Now, there you have Rita, my friend and my pal,
A truly remarkable, fun-loving gal.
A treasure so rare and so very giving,
That many of us in her shadow are living.
We thank the good Lord for our Rita, so dear
And also for Emery who keeps her quite near!

©Zelda Seymour-Kimm, 2012

1 comment:

Linda said...

Very nice tribute to a very nice lady!